Thursday, 28 March 2013

Susu Badan Semakin Kurang

Assalamualaikum and Hi,

Today's morning one of my officemate order satu botol kordial kurma for his wife.My officemate ni mmg regular customer of Luscious Tamar Cordial since wife dia pregnant until now mmg diorang sentiasa minum kordial kurma ni. One of the function my customer drink this cordial kurma ialah utk tambahkan "susu badan" (utk women la ye), if utk lelaki utk tambahkan tenaga and also its good dijadikan minuman seisi keluarga. 

My officemate ni tadi inform yg breast milk wife dia mcm kurang compare from previous. His worried laa.Then he ask me apa yg perlu buat??..Cewahh..Like i'm the certified advisor pulak...I'm not certified advisor ye, but i just like to share info which i know.Its reality usually around 3 - 4 months after deliver, you'll feel yg your breast milk mcm kurang and tak mcm waktu mula2 bersalin tu.I also experience the same thing.Mmg time mula2 after deliver dulu, susu mmg melimpah ruah.Until basah baju.Every morning badan akan melekit sebab susu terlalu banyak and berdenyut-denyut time susu nak keluar.Mmg banyak sgt susu time tu..Alhamdulillah.

But then, bila da start kerja, I notice that my milk makin lama rasa makin kurang.If dulu if sekali pump bleh dpt sebotol setengah penuh, but after da a few weeks start kerja nak dapat sebotol penuh pun mmg susah.

Just to share my personal experience.For mom out there!!!..Time your milk tgh banyak and sampai melimpah ruah tu..Please please and please pump.Time tu la actually bagus untuk kita wat stock.Time belum kerja. Don't be like me, bila susu tgh banyak tak pump.Sebab time pantang and 2 months on leave tu mmg penat sgt.At night tidur  mmg xberapa nyenyak because always wake up at night nak uruskan my loving daughter yg poo-poo malam2, kencing, muntah and tak nak tido awal..Hehe..Best pulak bile teringat that time..Penat tapi best jugak actually..So ble morning mmg trasa tak larat nak pump. Mandi pun rasa tak larat .Feel like wanna to sleep je.But unfortunately tak boleh gak nak tido sgt.Busy..Furthermore its my first experience, jadik i taught yg susu ni mmg sentiasa ada.Sebab time tu tgk mmg banyak susu.Tak tau pulak rupenye ada time2 production mcm menurun..My biggest mistake is tak simpan stock banyak2 time dalam pantang and belum naik kerja.Need to improve!.Mudah-mudahan pasni dah ada experince hope sucess dgn my planning nak susukan baby fully with breast milk until 2 years.

Although for this time I cannot fully feed my baby until 2 years, tapi sempatlah bg my EBM (Express Breast Milk) kat my daughter for about 4 months..So sad..:(

This is container that I used to store my EBM.

Mom's Little Ones (MLO) / Moms Precious

Bumble Bee

I used bottle to store my EBM.I have 2 brand of this storage bottle.One is MLO and the other one is Bumble Bee.I love both.. :)

Yg MLO ni I bought one set together dgn cooler bag and ice pax and also "Medela Harmony" pump.For Bumble Bee I bought it later.After da start kerja.Usually MLO mmg expensive skit.Bumble Bee also not bad.Both are fine for me.

Ok..We get back kat story yg my milk rasa makin kurang ble da start working.I think its normal utk kebanyakkan working mom..Mmg akan rasa mcm tu.Because we are pumping!.So ble tgk production susu kurang.Mmg merisaukan.Sebab kte nampak secara visual.Kte nampak sebelum ni boleh dapat sebotol penuh, then now nak dapat half bottle pun susah.If we compare dgn full time housewife, maybe tak rasa sgt susu kurang sebab tak nampak secara visual because always direct feed.So ble baby da kenyang.They will stop feeding and continue playing.

But actually betul ke susu kte mmg betul2 kurang and our supply dah tak cukup utk tampung our baby needs yg semakin besar??

From the info that I got.Actually ble da masuk 3 - 4 months after deliver.Its actually our body da sesuai dgn susu yg ada.So that's why takde lagi rasa berdenyut denyut mcm memula after deliver dulu.And psychology is one of the factor la,sebab we see visual susu tu kte pump and put inside bottle berbanding kalau terus masuk mulut baby ble baby dah kenyang they will stop on their own. And for info, based on the expert actually mmg jarang sgt berlaku situasi susu kurang unless atas sebab-sebab fizikal yang menyebabkan penghasilan susu tidak dapat dilakukan.

Stress also one of the factor yg menyebabkan our milk production berkurang.Stress at work and etc.Ada jugak mom yg stress ble tgk susu makin skit, so ble stress lg la susu rasa mcm kurang.This happen esp for mom yg mmg ada target nak susukan baby at least for 2 years.So ble susu kurang, mmg rasa malas nak pump.Rasa xberbaloi pump pun dpt skit je, sebab frust actually.Thats the biggest mistake that I did.Ble kte always miss pump, mmg susu akan kurang.And in my case, I'm fully depending on pump sebab my daughter at hometown with my mother so just once a week je boleh direct feed.But ble seminggu sekali je baby dpt direct feed.Mmg nipple confusion will happen.Cannot deny.Sebab in my case, my baby has no problem to drink EBM tapi sebab my baby lebih prefer puting plastik.Thats why tak boleh direct feed.Bile tak boleh direct feed, mmg frust yg teramat sgt laaa.Rasa mcm I'm not a good mom sebab tak boleh bg the best for my baby.That time baru menyesal kenapa laa tak pump time sebulan after bersalin tu time susu mmg byk.So ble ada byk stock and I'm still pumping at work, insyaallah bleh tampung my baby needs for a few months lg.But nasik dah jadik bubur.Just jadikan sebagai pengajaran not to repeat the same mistake.

Mcm in my case, ble seminggu pump just dpt 2 or 3 bottles je.Mmg tak cukup for my daughter.And at last da tak pump da.Da rasa tak berbaloi.Tapi if i have a lot of EBM stock, insyallah boleh survive for 2 months gne stocks and at the same time still continue pumping at work.Ni perlu stocks byk esp for emergency case.
For info ble da always miss pump, mmg susu akan kurang.Sebab susu kte ni makin selalu kte pump or semakin selalu baby hisap,insyaallah susu tu akan sentiasa cukup for our baby.

In my case at last I totally stop pump and "terpaksa" introduce my baby to formula milk (FM).Mmg frust sgt laa time tu rasa.But what to do.My mistake.

For info, ble time susu rasa kurang.What you need to do teruskan je pump.Pump mcm biasa and ble balik from kerja bg direct feed kat baby.Weekend pun bleh direct feed.Insyaallah akan cukup.Mcm one of my friend.Anak dia tua one week from my baby.But she's very determine tak nak bg anak dia susu formula.Until now susu dia cukup for her son. Anak dia nearly 11 months.No formula milk at all!.

Time2 kritikal ble rasa susu kurang.My friend pun alami same situation but teruskan pump mcm biasa.But the different between us is my baby is not with me.So ble balik kerja tak boleh bg direct feed kat baby.Just pumping for the whole week!..But maybe if I still continued pumping maybe boleh lg tampung keperluan my baby.But I'm not sure kalau mmg we fully depend kat pump..selama mana kte bleh supply the milk.But I think mindset and determination tu penting.If kte yakin, insyaallah boleh.

Just my advice:

1. Pump your milk sebanyak mungkin time pantang or at least one month before naik kerja and continued pumping ble da naik kerja.

2.Don't give up too early and too fast make decision nak campur FM.If da start campur and you still working, maybe ble balik rumah and penat you just give your baby FM.Bile always miss feeding, mmg susu akan kurang and lama2 terus takde.

3.Need to be decipline and determine.If you mmg tak de campur FM milk.So mcm mana penat pun you'll feed your baby with your breast!

4.The way baby hisap susu pun perlu tgk.Ble baby hisap susu dgn cara salah.So baby akan minum sikit and always tak kenyang.Tu yg you'll feel yg your baby tak cukup susu, tak kenyang and need to top up
 with FM.

5.The most important thing..If your baby weight normal, kencing 5 hingga 8 kali per day, healthy and active, and your baby poo-poo is mustard colour its mean yg your baby dapat susu yg mencukupi!.So, dont worry about baby tak cukup susu and etc.Just continue give your breast milk!!.

6. Lastly jgn bg your baby susu campur2.Especially jika you still have milk and at the same time campur dgn FM.Sebab ada my friend 2 org.Ble they mix fm and breast milk.Their baby mmg besar.still normal, but besar.Their reason utk campur susu sebab anak tak cukup susu. I'm not sure they monitor mcm mana yg katakan their baby tak cukup susu.Cara paling accurante is just monitor your baby's weight and if not sure boleh la jumpa doctor utk kepastian.

Alternative from breastmilk I did gave my daughter fresh frozen goat milk.Sebab skrg its not easy utk carik org yg sanggup susukan anak kte.Its really hard to find ibu susuan.And if ada pun kne survey betul2.

I wish Best of Luck for all those Breast Feeding Mom out there.

Hope your mission accomplish for at least two years for exclusive breastfeeding..:)

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

How to treat diaper or nappy rash??

Assalamualaikum and Hi,

Just short entry for today.Hope so..:)..Have you ever face with this situation where your baby get diaper or nappy rash???..Check out the below pic.

This is how it look like.Its normal for babies have this rashes.There are many factors that contribute to this rashes,whether its because of the diaper allergic, new food, baby own urine and stool (mixed).Stool contains bacteria.

This rashes is caused by bacteria or yeast.The diaper is warm and moist just like the way these thing like.

How by giving new food can give rashes effect to your baby??

This two thing is connected in the stool of your baby.If you introduce new food to your loving baby, its can change the composition of the stool is and can cause rashes.

So..How to treat this??

As I said, usually rashes is normal for babies.Because 24 hours your baby need to wear diaper whether disposable or cloth diaper.So at that part its moist and warm.That's why this bacteria or yeast is easily attack your baby bottom part and cause rashes.

My daughter also have this rashes.But sometimes.And I usually apply Drapolene at my baby's bottom part.And its work!!!..The nappy rash gone so fast.I did not apply the Drapolene each time I want to change my daughter diaper, just if I see rashes only then I apply the Drapolene. For info, Drapolene is water base cream.Price just only RM11 ++ for 55 g.You can get it at pharmacy, watson or guardian.If promotion time, you can get it this Dropolene just only RM10.00!!!.

I also sometimes lets the diaper off from my baby to give exposure to the air.Expose to the air can speed up healing process.

Other than that,you can also try loosen a bit your baby diaper for better air circulation.

But the best way is....Each time you change the diaper, make sure to wash or wipes your baby urine or stool properly.Keep it clean and change the diaper frequently.

Make sure the diaper part dry after you wash your baby bottom part.If this step is not helping, changing your baby diaper brand maybe will help.Because the disposable diaper contains fragrance and maybe you baby allergic to it.

For cloth diaper, there are possibility your baby allergic with the detergent you use to wash it!.

And do not put "talcum powder" at your baby private part.

If the condition become worst..than you can see doctor for help.If just a mild diaper rash..Its just normal esp for baby under 1 year and fully depending on the diaper.

Just make sure to treat and take preventive action to avoid repeated problem..:).

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Kepentingan Mempunyai Insurance Takaful

Assalamualaikum and Morning,

Di pagi yg mulia ini my heart terpanggil untuk share one true story sebagai kesedaran and juga pedoman to all. This true story ade relation with "Kepentingan Mempunyai Insurance".

First of all I'll explain skit what is insurance.Insurance ni actually is divided into two. One is medical and the other one is life insurance.But nowadays, kebanyakkan company buat package yg combine this two insurance.Only a few company je yg kite boleh pilih salah satu.One of the company yg menawarkan pilihan iaitu stand alone & package is MAA Takaful.

What is the different between this two insurance (Medical & Life)??

Medical Insurance is cover utk segala bil2 hospital while Life Insurance adalah insurance dalam bentuk pampasan.Means jika penama meninggal, maka waris akan dapat duit pampasan yg ditinggalkan oleh si mati.Selain itu, life insurance ini jugak akan memberi pampasan kepada penama jika penama accident (warded, MC and also hilang upaya kekal).Jika penama accident and MC for 2 months, so setiap minggu penama akan dapat cash money.But pampasan yg sebegini bukan suma insurance cover (weekly allowance).MAA Takaful have this benefits.Setakat I compare a few insurance, in my personal opinion, MAA Takaful is the best..Plus its own by muslim and totally islamic.

MAA Takaful jugak tiada mengamalkan sistem ko-takaful.Ko-takaful ni adalah utk bayaran bil hospital.I give one example.Lets say Client A masuk hospital and total bil adalah RM10000.Jika insurance yg mempunyai ko-takaful, maka Client A ni need to keluar duit byr ko-takaful sebanyak 10% iaitu in this case is RM1000.10% ko-takaful is large amount tau.Sebab my example is just RM10k, if Client A ni tad warded and total bil kne byr is RM40k for example, so RM4000 kne byr duit sendiri.If MAA Takaful, no need to keluarkan duit pun, 100% covered by MAA Takaful.Ramai client yg tak tau mengenai issue ni.Jika sekarang pun, ade a few companies yg claim xde Ko-Takaful, you need to read carefully.Sebab ada hidden charge disebaliknya.So beware..and survey dulu before masuk any insurance.Promotion secara besar-besar not means yg "Produk" ditawarkan adalah bgs.As pengguna we have right utk tau details produk sebelum setuju or masuk any insurance.

What is "Takaful" actually??

Takaful ni means its Islamic fund.Di mana fund yg ada hanya akan di "invest" kepada company yg menjalankan perniagaan halal sahaja and takaful mempunyai charge tabarru'.I'll not explain too details mengenai this one.But as a Muslim, pilihlah Takaful insurance.Sebab senang cite takaful ni adalah Islamic while conventional adalah bukan islamic.Penting utk ambik Islamic sebab insurance skrg ade pelaburan.Ada dividen (keuntungan) kepada client jika melabur.Utk info umum, charge Tabarru' ni is different between insurance company.So cariklah company yg offer charge yg plg rendah.Sebab kalau charge mahal, duit saving you all jugak yg this insurance company akan ambik.Rugi kepada client.

Ok laa..dah panjang pulak explain about insurance..We get back to "True Story" yg I wanna cite today.Baru-baru ni ade one of staff yg kerja satu company with me, but he is in branch while I'm at Hq.So actually tak kenal pun staff ni, same company tapi sebab tak same office.

So, what happen to this staff?.On monday hari tu, dapat sms yg inform staff ni telah kembali ke rahmatullah.So ble read the msg, simpati and sedekah Al-Fatihah.Then ok la..Continue kerja like usual.Mcm I said before, I mmg tak kenal this staff.So thats all tindakan yg I can do.But suddently today, staff yg sit beside me dah naik kerja after holiday for two days.Then he ask me..Kenal tak dgn staff yg meninggal tu?.I mmg tak kenal.I tanya..staff tu meninggal sakit ape?.Dia ckp jantung.Sakit jantung ni kalau kne mmg suddently.Jantung ni tak mcm kanser.Kanser take time, so family sempat utk jaga family member yg sakit ni, sempat wat preparation and etc laa..Tp kalau jantung, mmg tbe2.Kne je, majority meninggal and ada a few yg bernasib baik still boleh wat bypass and etc.

I still continue asking my officemate ni tad.I tanya wife si mati kerja tak?.Anak ramai?.My officemate ckp wife tak kerja, anak 4 org.Yg first baru tgh nak SPM this year.Hmmm..Then my friend added yg wife si mati inform yg si mati mmg takde tinggalkan duit saving ke apa.My friend ni mmg kenal dgn si mati.Org sekampung.Bile I heard like that.Bertambah-tambah simpati.Sebab yg meninggal da tinggalkan dunia selama-lamanya, but yg hidup perlu teruskan kehidupan.Anak-anak perlu makan, perlu dapat keperluan, perlu sekolah.So in my mind, mane nak dapatkan sumber kewangan.Tambahan pulak my friend inform yg this family menyewa rumah.So how nak bayar?.Sedangkan si isteri tak bekerja and suami takde tinggalkan ape2.Kte bukan laa nak mintak harta yg byk.But in condition skrg.Duit mmg perlu utk teruskan kehidupan.Bile sumber pendapatan hilang, hilang segalanya.My story bukan nak burukkan sesape.But sekadar pedoman utk kte yg masih hidup utk wat persediaan for our family.

If this situation happen.Baru org nampak kepentingan mempunyai insurance.Utk info, jika si mati mempunyai insurance.Jumlah yg waris akan dapat jika client meninggal..MINIMUM dlm RM30 000. Bergantung kepada nilai caruman.RM30k ni utk caruman hanya RM100 sebulan.Urusan kebumi akan dpt sebanyak RM2000 dlm masa 24 jam selepas penama meninggal.Baki lg RM5000 akan dapat dlm tempoh masa 2 minggu.Manakala lg RM30k tadi akan dpt dlm masa sebulan.RM30k tu tak tolak yg RM7000 tu tadi ye.Jika nilai caruman bulan anda tinggi.Iaitu lebih kurang RM150 sebulan.So nilai yg waris boleh dpt ialah sebanyak RM70k hingga RM100k.Nilai ni boleh diubah as per client request.

Jika si mati mempunyai insurance, so for first 6 months until setahun pertama insyaallah boleh survive.Jika nilai pampasan adalah tinggi, lebih daripada setahun insyaallah boleh survive.Dlm masa tempoh setahun tu, waris dah boleh settle down, carik sumber pendapat.Tapi jika takde insurance mcm mane??..Sumber kewangan terhenti serta-merta.Jika ada caruman ASB pun, jika meninggal, maka waris hanya boleh tuntut apa yg dibayar sahaja.Its good too have ASB saving, if you already have insurance because ASB and insurance is different.Insurance ni..Lets say client baru masuk sehari, then meninggal   Warus still akan dpt pampasan.Insurance also have khairat kematian sebanyak RM7000 (urusan kebumi and etc).Ni suma cash money.Then ada basic sum cover.Yg ni adalah nilai pampasan jika client meninggal iaitu RM30k, RM50k, RM100k and etc.Suma details yg saya inform ni adalah mengenai MAA Takaful.

Jika you need to find detail info mengenai MAA Takaful, I think this web have a good info.

Just click

If ada antara anda interested nak tau info mengenai MAA Takaful, you can email me at, whatsapp or sms me at 019-357 3177.I'm not an agent But I can explain this MAA Takaful and I know MAA Takaful agent that serve me the best!.

I'll explain what I know.

As client or customer, you have right to know what you paid every month or every year.

So..Choose product yg give a lot of benefits to you..Make the right choice!!!

Just additional info,usually chinese their thinking mmg berbeza.Walaupun clerk not manager, not even executive, majority mmg have insurance, because they know the benefits behind it!.Plus in current conditions medical charge is too high and we cannot bear the cost if without insurance.We also cannot fully depend at goverment hospitals.

I hope this entry can change our view about insurance. The importance if it!.And actually nowadays Insurance dah jadik satu keperluan. Mcm kereta, rumah and even handphone pun dah jadik satu keperluan skrang..So why not we change our mindset jadikan insurance ni is a must.

We cannot predict future. But we can prepare for the future..Sediakan payung sebelum hujan..:)

Monday, 25 March 2013

Cara Kurus Secara Sihat

Assalamualaikum & Hi to all!!!

This entry just wanna to share & update "Good News" to all readers mengenai my entry title 'Cara Pemakanan Untuk Kurus'.For those yg tak pernah bc that entry, sila la melawat ke entry tu ye..:)

Just wanna share, sebenarnya kalau kte betul2 amalkan cara pemakanan yg betul, mmg badan boleh kurus.But if you exercise, its an advantage laa..Sebab bile kte exercise, we burn our calories, bakar lemak2 yg membuatkan kte gemuk..But for those yg tak biasa exercise, mmg awal2 tu not easy tau..Nak exercise 10 minutes pun rasa mcm nak pengsan.But if you exercise regular, then should be no problem..10 minutes tu kacang je..Rasa mcm baru exercise then..ehh..da 10 minutes rupenye..Biasala..bukan senang nak senang..kann??..:)

Yg penting everyday kne kira calories intake tu..Like I said in the previous entry..You can install MyFitnessPal application..Its very..very useful and easy..Plus its free!!!!.

I tried serious jaga makan since lebih kurang 2 weeks until now tau..My weight now is 46kg..Happy!!!..sebab boleh turun until 46kg..Its not an easy job tau..Segala nafsu nafsi kne kawal.Tak boleh ikutkan sgt selera makan tu.Need to set our mind..Makan untuk sihat..and Makan untuk hidup..not the other way round.For info,since I deliver until laa last week, berat susah sgt nak turun..nak turun ke 46kg pun bery..very hard..previously my weight is 48kg..Susah nak turun sebab makan byk, exercise tak sgt or kira mcm tak exercise langsung la, tapi nak kurus..Mmg no way laa!!!!..Mmg after deliver ni terasa sgt yg metabolisme slow..Dulu makan anything pun should be no prob..Kalau badan naik 1 or 2 kg, one or two weeks berat da kembali ke asal..Now mmg susah..That's why skrg ni kne tukar mind set. Amalan diet not in one weeks, one months or two months..Its in your whole life!!!

A lot of people yg salah faham with this 'Diet' term..Including me..Before ni,what I understand about diet is try to eat little, sanggup berlapar utk kurus, tak boleh makan makanan yg kte suke and exercise over2..Thats what I understand laa..Its very stressful tau esp part yg tak boleh makan our favourite food.Pastu ble berat badan tak turun2, mmg frust laa..So end up xpyh jaga berat badan..Susah2 diet tak kurus gak..Tu yg salah tu..Tu yg jadik diet tu utk one months je..or two weeks je..

But now, I have understand..That is what diet mean.Yg sampai tak makan suma tu, that's we called "Crash Diet".Tu suma wrong concepts ye..Cara yg betul adalah makan like usual, tapi dlm small quantity.Nasik tu makan dlm segenggam only, lebihkan sayur2, fish or meat or chicken.Then, very simple tips, minum dulu segelas air kosong before makan.Thats is untuk kurangkan jumlah makanan yg kte akan ambik.Sebab kte ni, I mean myself..selalunya pas makan nasik, then ade ternampak kuih la, popia laa apa laa..continue makan lg..Padahal tad da makan sepinggan.Thats why kalau kte minum air kosong dulu segelas, selalunya pas makan nasik mmg tak rasa pun nak makan kuih muih la apa.

And time chew / kunyah makanan tu.Try kunyah lama skit.Kalau boleh kunyah 40 kali mmg bgs..But in my practice I cannot chew for 40 times..Dah xde ape da nak dikunyah..Hehe..kunyah dlm 15 -20 kali makanan dah telan..Tp I keep trying utk panjangkan tempoh kunyahan tu.Sebab mmg feel different.Rasa kenyang.Kalau ikut akal fikiran,mane kenyang kalau segenggam nasik..Betul tak??..Tapi realitinya..Mengenyangkan..Tak terlalu kenyang and tak lapa..Sedang2.

Then,kalau sayur tu.You can steam or boil.If steam no need to add salt.Just steam like that.Kurangkan pengambilan garam dlm makanan.Mane boleh kurangkan..Kte kurang.Don't too drastic.Because if too drastic, kejap je kte buat.Then dah kembali kepada keadaan asal.

One more tips.Jgn terlalu jg makanan tu sampai everyday pun makan rebus.Its not Malaysia style.Like I said before, you can eat whatever you want.Like me, I really Love Asam Pedas.I eat that asam pedas.Tak boleh kalau tak makan asam pedas esp ble da depan mata.So, my menu...Segenggam nasik, sedikit asam pedas with fish and a lot of veggy.One trick, ble you eat a lot of veggy, maka rasa kenyang adalah lebih lama sebab nak huraikan veggy adalah lebih lama.So tambahkan sayur dalam menu anda.

Last but not least..Have a cheat day..Maybe seminggu sekali or twice a month.Its all up to your planning.Cheat day ni means kdg2 kte ada gak rasa nak makan cheese cake, chocolate and those stuffs.Have it!!..But in small quantity and sekali sekala.Not everyday ye.

Don't too stress to diet..Its all about calories..It you can control your daily calories intake..So ideal weight is in your hand!!!..and plzzz drink more plain water and try to reduce sweet drinks because its contain calories..Have a healthy life all the time..:).

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Makanan Alternative untuk baby

Assalamualaikum and Afternoon,

Its Monday and busy working day today..But the best part is..Its school holiday!!!..So the good news is..jalan kurang sesak skit today..Ramai yg bercuti bwk family makan angin..Bestnyee!!!..Ok..Continue with my entry today iaitu makanan alternative for your lovely baby..:)..What I mean by alternative food??

Daging Ayam

Alternative food here means makanan SELAIN ayam bandar.Usually at Malaysia ni, ayam is one of the basic food (makanan asas).Majority rakyat malaysia mmg makan ayam and ade certain family yg mmg penggemar tegar chicken.Everyday menu mesti ade lauk-pauk yg berasaskan ayam.Chicken here means ayam daging bandar not ayam kampung tau.Don't get confuse sebab dua ayam tu mmg lifestyle juga is one of the factor yg mendorong kita to consume a lot of chicken.Majority of fast food is chicken based.

Have you ever heard yg makan ayam boleh menyebabkan kanser?.Is it true?.I'm not sure about that, but I have survey2 info about this.I found out yg daging ayam usually we buy biasanya penternak mmg ada suntik, tapi xsure sama ada suntik antibiotik ke, vaksin ke or steroid.Jika suntikannya adalah steroid, so the purpose is nak bg ayam cepat besar dgn menambahkan kandungan lemak pada ayam tersebut and bukan untuk tambahkan daging ayam.If perasan, makin besar size ayam yg dibeli, makin byk la lemaknya.Usually penternak ayam secara besar-besaran mmg terdiri daripada Non-Muslim.So mmg majority adalah berdasarkan keuntungan semata-mata and tak mustahil ape yg disuntik itu ialah steroid.If penternak Muslim, kita dituntut untuk sediakan makanan yg Halal and tidak memudaratkan.Beramal sambil menternak..:)..But in this steroid case..not sure in Malaysia ade suntik or tak..Maybe have maybe not.

Ok, return back kat cite penternak ni tadi.Penternak akan menyuntik steroid penggalak (growth-enhancing hormones) pada haiwan ternakan yg akan mempercepatkan kadar tumbesaran haiwan tersebut.Untuk info,ada 2 jenis steroid yg biasa disuntik pada ayam.One is sintetik iaitu buatan and the other one is natural.Yg natural adalah lebih bahaya daripada sintetik.Ada beberapa kajian yang menunjukkan hormon steroid yg asli boleh menyebabkan kanser terutama pada orang yang yg mmg high risk to get cancer. Hormon ini akan memulakan proses pembentukan kanser dgn menggalakan pertumbuhan kanser.

For info,tak semestinya makan ayam ni akan sebabkan kanser.Its depend kat tubuh badan seseorang.Kalau tubuh badan sensitif, maka dengan pengambilan sedikit sahaja steroid ini memulakan / mengaktifkan sel kanser. Just my personal advice, kalau bleh kurang-kurangkan lah pengambilan hidangan yg terdiri daripada ayam .Mungkin agak susah, especially kalau yg bekerja and biasa beli je lauk kat kedai, biasanya ayam is the best choice. Sebab kat kedai makan selalunya ikan tak segar except kedai yang mmg specially for ikan bakar..:)..So choice yang paling cepat and mudah is chicken.From info that i read jugak, usually steroid ni disuntik pada lembu or haiwan ternakan yg besar sebab harga steroid ni mahal..But kat ayam, not sure.Maybe have maybe don't.But from my personal opinion, i'd prefer untuk kurangkan pengambilan ayam dalam menu harian..Trying hard!..Hehehe..Walaupun susah.And i start utuk introduce makanan berkhasiat kat my baby and try to avoid this ayam bandar..:) ape relation this entry with baby foodkan?..Hehe..Just to share,I'm not prefer to teach my baby eat chicken especially 'daging ayam bandar'.Maybe one day if my baby da besar, she's probably eat chicken but I hope very little and I didn't start to introduce the chicken early to my baby.

From 7 months until now, my daughter pernah makan ayam only once.Tu pun my mother yg bg.Mostly I gave my daughter fish, meat and also daging puyuh. Alternative from chicken I gave my daughter quail meat (daging puyuh).Daging Puyuh is consider as white meat, instead of giving chicken, better give puyuh.Sebab so far that i know, puyuh mmg xde suntik ape2 and mempunyai khasiat yang tinggi.

Daging Puyuh
Good source of protein is from fish, I usually bg ikan selar kuning yg besar skit tu, ikan tenggiri and kembong.I have plan to give salmon, because salmon is very good source of Omega 3, but sebab ikan salmon ni xjual bersepah, so time is sempat lg want to grab salmon for my baby.Maybe if have time, I'll grab salmon for my loving daughter.If baby makan ikan every day pun boring jugak kan.So as alternative, I give meat and also daging burung puyuh plus with 2 types of veggy.I also did not mix makanan laut & darat.If you want to give your baby ayam, give a try bg daging ayam kampung. For info, harga ayam kampung agak tinggi skit kalau compare dengan ayam bandar, tapi ayam kampung mmg sgt berkhasiat plus no suntik2. Telur ayam kampung pun lebih berkhasiat berbanding telur ayam biasa.

Info Harga:
Ayam Kampung sekilo RM 14 @ 15 sekilo.

Bagi org Muar, jika anda ingin mencuba daging puyuh, anda boleh dapatkan Daging Puyuh Segar di Pasar Tani Stadium Muar pada setiap hari Ahad bermula pada 7.30 pagi hingga 11.30 tgh hari (Lokasi: Bersebelahan org Jual Daging).

Last but not least, Mencegah adalah Lebih Baik Daripada Mengubati.Duit boleh dicarik,but kesihatan tiada gantinya.Harga mahal skit takpe, yg penting we as parents provide healthy food for our kids, not only sedap but healthy.So paarents, Let's change our mind set together!!..:)

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Cara Pemakanan Untuk Kurus

Assalamualaikum & Hi,

This time entry wanna to share skit info berkaitan 'mommy' baby iaitu masalah berat badan berlebihan after deliver.

Usually mmg normally after deliver our weight bukan terus akan turun mcm before pregnant.Its not a magic which dlm sekelip mata body boleh jadik cantik.We are in real world women!!.Its really need time and effort untuk turunkan berat badan, but ada jugak mommy yg berat tak turun-turun seperti asal and ada juga yg berat maintain je like before pregnant.

As for me, my weight during pregnancy naik agak banyak la which is nearly 20 kg tau.First 10 kg mmg boleh turun dgn cepat, sebab that weight include your baby's weight, placenta, blood, water bag and etc.My friend pun sama, first 10 kg mmg agak senang nak turun, but remaining weight tu yg 'sakit' nak eliminate.

After two months berehat di laa, maternity leave kan..Then its time yg TAK ditunggu-tunggu..iaitu time nak start kerja laa..Bencinya!!!..Hehe..need more time utk bersama my loving daughter.But what to do, kerja terpaksa diteruskan..Naik la kerja mcm biasa..

First day start working, office mate suma happy la can see my face..Hehe..statement perasan..biasa la,deliver first baby, mmg ramai la tanya how's baby?, mommy ok tak?..deliver normal or cesar? girl ke boy?..bape kg?..and etc..Macam2 la org tanya..As for me I'm happy coz org tanya,because its show yg org caring kat kita..betul tak??..And I'm also excited jawab all those question..:)..But the worst part ble office mate ckp nampak gemuk laa..tembam..tgk daripada belakang xkenal laa..tak mcm sebelum ni..Waaa!!!! stress dgr kata2 begitu..:(

Kat dalam hati dah nekad..Takpe2, think positive..Perut nak besar pun took 9 months, ni kan pulak nak kurus, need time laa utk kurus.At first, I just biarkan je apa org kata.That time, cara makan still terbawak-bawak mcm time pregnant tau.Malam makan banyak, lunch makan, quantity nasik ble makan tu mmg banyak.Then after a few days tu terpk, rasa tak boleh la teruskan cara makan yg mcm tu.Its not good for my body & health.Sebab perut da full time makan tu, tapi still add lg nasik, especially ble tgk still ada nasik lg dlm periuk, rasa syg nak buang, so buang dlm perut la.

Ble perut too full, so rasa xselesa tau.Start from that, I think its time utk kurangkan quantity makan.If makan malam pun, nasik tak sebanyak dulu.Tapi still susah hati, sebab berat 49kg.Before pregnant my weight only 40kg..9kg lg remain tau.Ble balik kampung je timbang, tumpang my brother punye digital weight..More accurate..Every week ble balik kampung je mmg akan timbang berat badan until now.

After a few weeks, ble timbang, berat already 48 kg.Turun sekilo.Tapi berminggu-minggu maintain 48kg.My office mate suma 'caring-caring'..Ckp I'm fat..Mmg la nampak fat..sebab previously is under weight..8 kg different..mmg ketara la bezanya..mmg look bigger laa.

Then xpe2, tenangkan hati ble org ckp kita fat.Until one day tu rasa mcm nak sgt beli korset 'Premium Beautiful' (PB).Bc2 review mcm ok korset tu.But than its too expensive laa.Rasa sayang pulak duit.Sebab too desprate utk kurus.Lastly, tak jadik beli PB.

Tapi not give up.Takpe tak dpt PB, I always think mesti ada cara lain nak kurus.Cara yang murah, tak perlu large investment and no need makan2 ubat.Then I ask my cousin.Because my cousin turun 13kg tau.Tanya la mcm mana my cousin bleh turun 13 kg.She said yg dia jogging and etc.Then she forwarded me one success story utk kembali langsing.It us very inspiring story.She also inform me to install MyFitnessPal application.For android user..You can just download at your 'Play Store' and the good news is..Its Free!!!

I pun try using that application and do some exercise at home.Just simple2 exercise, lompat bintang, lari laju2 for 10 minutes, lompat2..30 minutes for each session.Then do not skip lunch and also drinks a lot of water.But then sebab terlalu control makan agaknya, maybe my diet can also consider crash diet la.And that time also, I just ate twice per day.Mmg xcukup.Always rasa lapar,tapi tahan je.Lama2 rasa boring..Sebab bile nak makan rasa mcm tak boleh makan, tkt gemuk until after 2 weeks je ble balik kampung I'll eat a lot.Macam balas dendam.Time at Shah Alam, mmg control, balik kampung je..All control gone..Makan sepuas-puasnya.Until one day rasa mcm da gemuk.Ble timbang 49kg..Hmmm..Its so sad..sebab time betul2 exercise and diet my weight da 47.6kg.Oleh sebab frust ble tgk berat 49kg, so malas la nak diet, malas nak exercise..suma malas!!!..rajin makan je..Hehe..Lg satu, mind set kne betul.kte bukan semata-mata nak kurus..But we want to live healthy.

Until pastu tbe rasa mcm nak berubah la..Tak boleh teruskan gaya hidup makan banyak ni..Mau boleh jadik belon badan.Sebab I'm not tall.So kalau gemuk mmg nampak mcm belon.So again, tanya lg kat cousin, bleh bg inspired story tak utk motivation??..Sebab story hari tu dah mane tah letak..dah hilang. Hehe..Bkan senang utk control our food intake ok.Nafsu makan ni mmg jahat.Then my cousin give this website.Just click

At ni, first step I read success story.Its very inspired!.Sebab we need motivation utk turunkan berat.A lot of motivation!.Its not an easy job and not in one day or one week you can achieves your dream weight.It take time!.I read success story tu for one whole day tau, at the same time boleh dpt interesting tips from those yg telah berjaya kurangkan berat badan.After read and read..Than mindset pun dah berubah, kte nak kurus bukan semata-mata nak kurus,but we also want to live healthy.For info, suma yg berjaya kurangkan berat badan tidak ambik any ubat kurus, just amalkan pemakanan seimbang, kira calorie intake and exercise.

As for me, I start to change my mind set.Kte boleh makan semua benda but in small quantity.I'll explain skit what I've done this two weeks..Maybe later boleh explain detail.

Simple tips from me:

1. Kira dulu calorie intake every day.Memula mmg akan rasa susah.But ble da biasa its so simple.I just calculate my daily calori intake at MyFitnessPal.Just masukkan berat badan anda, and every day masukkan meal.If meal is not in the list, you can create your own menu.

Simple je nak create you own menu:
What you need to know is the calorie, tgk kat belakang makanan.Contoh:Dutch Lady Chocolate Milk..Kat belakang kotak tu ade calorie 163kcal.Masukkan calorie tu dlm MyFitnessPal.

What you eat, you just include in the list.

Bape byk yg badan kte perlukan calorie.Da tak payah kira, sebab MyFitnessPal tu da tlg kirakan.Just masukkan your weight only.

2.Drinks a lot of water..At least 2L/day.

3.Makan 5 kali setiap hari, but in small portion.Utk menu, its give next time.Snack tu memadai dgn sekotak susu atau sekeping roti.

4.Makan wholegrain bread.Gardenia ada, Highfive ada.Price RM3.20..Wholegrain ni lebih berkhasiat and membuat anda kenyang lebih lama.

5.Boleh makan telur, tapi kurangkan atau tidak ambil kuningnya.

6.Just set in mind kte boleh makan ape shj, tp dlm kuantiti yg sedikit.So tak stress.And kurangkan lemak & minyak.

7.Kunyah slowly.Sebab our brain ambil masa 20 minit untuk alert yg kte tgh makan.Sebab tu cara makan nabi kunyah 40 kali.Ada scientific explanation behind that.

8.Exercise is important.Exercise la kalau sempat.

As for me, I'm still working untuk turunkan berat kepada asal.Last week my weight is 47.5kg.This week nanti balik kampung baru timbang.

And very..very Good News for breastfeeding mom!!!..Anda mmg akan cepat kurus sebab breasfeeding burns around 500 calories a day which equivalent lari kat tredmills 3 - 4 hours jam tau.My friend yg bersalin early one week from me badan da cantik da.She's exclusively breastfeed (bf) her son.I also mmg nak exclusively bf my daughter.But keadaan yg jauh tak mengizinkan.Sebab my baby xske my nipple,ye laa..seminggu sekali je dpt direct feed kan..Hmmm..xpe la..I'll try the best for my daughter.

Last but not least..Kuatkan semangat anda.Fikirkan bukan semata-mata untuk kurus, tapi amalkan cara hidup yang sihat.

Berat badan ni perlukan masa untuk turun,tapi its maintain ble da turun sebab you practice healthy lifestyle.

So...Let's change for our family & better future!!..:)

Healthy First!!.

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Baby Flu and Fever


Today I just want to share a bit info regarding baby flu and fever.What should you do when your baby have flu and fever?..Straightly take your baby to doctor or wait for a few days?.Or find alternative not to give your baby medicine?..Hmmmm..its not an easy decision and solution plus when your baby not feeling well, it makes you worried.

My baby just get flu for past week and now she's had a fever.This really make me worried!.My mother had bring my daughter to my panel clinic and the doctor gave a few medicine for my daughter.Hmmm, and as usual, my mother 100% believe to the doctor and straightly gave my daughter the medicine complete with antibiotics.

In the evening, my mother call me and told me that she already gave my daughter medicine and antibiotics.Ohhh no!!!!..I'm not planning to simply give my daughter medicine..Then I'll ask my mom what's my baby body temperature now?.After took the temp, its only 36 degree C..which is actually not in fever condition..For info mom out there..your baby is consider normal if their body temperature is 36 degree C (for baby 6 months and above)..No fever at all.Your baby is still consider ok if the body temp until 39 degree C and not sudden (6 months and above), but you need to monitor a few conditions on your baby.If your baby can eat well, drink well, diapers wet as usual.Its should be no problem..But if you feel maybe your daughter is not feeling well, just bring your baby to the doctor.

In my condition.I ask my mom to stop giving my daughter medicine immediately.I'm also not confident with this doc because he also gave antibiotics to my baby.I have read trusted info regarding this matter and actually antibiotics is only kill bacteria not virus.Flu is caused by virus, so antibiotics won't do anything.

I tried not to give my baby any medicine.So I try other alternatives.I did offer my baby a lot of fluids, plain water and milk to keep my baby hydrated.I  monitor my baby body temperature,  I did also monitor my baby diapers, monitor the wetness of the diapers..I did also monitor either my baby active or not. So far I see my baby is ok.Flu is gone in a few days and no fever.Its important for you to have at least one thermometer in your home.Its very..very..very..useful when you have a baby or child.

For muscle aches and fever, you can give your child acetaminophen or ibuprofen.I did not try give this two medicine to my baby.But I'd prefer to give my daughter this medicine compare to give medicine from the doctor which I'm not confident at all.You can find the acetaminophen or ibuprofen at pharmacy.

After my daughter recover from flu, then yesterday my mom call me and told that my daughter temperature is 38 degree C, and her body is a bit warm.I'm very worried.My mother as usual, already gave my daughter medicine.Medicine from the previous doc.The one that I'm not confident.Hmmmm..what to say..I ask my mom not to give my daughter medicine anymore.

I cannot blame my mom because the time my mom raise me and the time I raise my daughter its different.I really thankful to my mom for taking care of my daughter while I'm working at town.

I never despair.I still try not simply give my daughter medicine.I'll ask my mom not to gave my daughter the medicine.We can try other method. I give suggestion to my mom to get 'cool fever' for my daughter.What you need to do is just stick the 'cool fever' on your baby forehead at night.Other than that, you also need to bath your baby with warm water (not cold one) and also a lot of rest.And offer your baby water, fluid (home made fruit juice without sugar) and also soup.

As a mom or parents, you is the want who know your baby better.Keep reading from trusted source (medical board) to increase your knowledge.Never left your baby hydrated because its very dangerous and can cause fatal.And please change our mind set not too depend on medicine.Try alternative way to make your baby more comfortable.Other than that, maybe there is other factor why your baby had fever, one of logic reason maybe its teething time for your baby..:)..

Try not to fully depend on medication for the sake of your child!..Its all up to you to decide!.I just shared my personal tought and experience..:)

Make the right choice!!