Wednesday, 7 November 2012

List of Toys to Consider For Your Loving Baby

Age 0 - 8 months:

  1. Baby- safe mirror
  2. Musical or Chime Toy
  3. Cloth Toy
  4. Developmental Toys
  5. Gym or Playmat
  6. Rattle
  7. Teether
  8. On-the-go-toy
  9. Stuffed Animal
  10. Soft Book
  11. Activity Center
  12. Any Suitable Household Items

Age 9 - 12 months
  1. Shape sorter
  2. Blocks
  3. Bucket and shovel

Suggestion Brand:
  • LAMAZE - I'm planning to get lamaze for my baby, have variety of toys from Lamaze, but better you get it online. Much much much more cheaper!.
  • For safety mirror, just use household item only, no need to but branded one. You can get in the mirror at RM 2 shop. Just ensure that the mirror have plastic cover around it and you need to hold the mirror for your baby.

If any of you have other good brand toys.Just share with me!.

Baby Food Recipe (Banana Puree)

This recipe is suitable for baby starting six month, RICH IN POTASSIUM & Its very Simple!

  • 1 small ripe banana
  • 1 - 2 teaspoon baby rice
  • 2 table spoon of breast milk or formula

How to do it?
  • Mash the banana until smooth
  • Mix the rice and milk and stir into banana
  • Adjust the texture with milk or rice to make runnier or firmer puree

Simple TIPS!
  • Do not add milk if you want to frost the puree.
  • The puree can be kept for one month if you deep freeze WITHOUT adding milk.
  • Try the SAME recipe for three days to see whether your baby allergic to the food or not.
  • For Baby Rice, you can also switch to brown rice. I bought NESTLE Brown Rice for my baby.
  • You can also mix with prune. 


Monday, 5 November 2012

How To Avoid Stretch Marks?

What is "Stretch Marks"?

Stretch Marks ialah jalur-jalur kecil yang muncul pada kulit especially at third trimester of your pregnancy sebab perut anda berkembang pesat untuk menampung your baby yang semakin membesar.

Stretch Mark ini juga terjadik caused by changes in the elastic supportive tissue yang terdapat di bawah kulit. Stretch Mark ni akan start dengan pink colour, coklat kemerahan, purple or coklat gelap, bergantung pada your skin colour.

Likely Factor of getting Stretch Marks

Have a few factors yang akan meninggikan your risk for getting stretch mark iaitu:
  • You gain a lot of weight rapidly
  • Anda mengandung kembar
  • Your baby besar
  • Anda mempunyai excess bendalir amnion (air ketuban)
  • Genetic. Genetic means if your mother or sister mmg if mengandung ade strech mark, so possibility untuk anda dapat strect marks waktu mengandung adalah tinggi.

How to prevent Stretch Marks?

Stretch Mark ni actually tak boleh nak elak, however you can takes a few step untuk kurangkan stretch marks. Antaranya:

  • Do not gain weight to fast. Sebab bila anda gain weight terlalu banyak sangat, so your kulit akan stretch and will result stretch marks.
  • Try to eat balance diet includes plenty of fruit and vegetables.
  • Aim to drinks at least eight glass of water per day. Sebab dengan meminum banyak air akan memastikan kulit anda mendapat air yang mencukupi. Other than that, for info, dengan minum banyak air boleh mengelakkan anda terkena bengkak kaki especially at third trimester of your pregancy. Sebab when i pregnant, i drink a lot of water, so kaki sy mmg tak bengkak pun waktu third trimester and my stretch marks aslo too little compare with my friend yang kurang gemar minum air masak, dia mengalami masalah bengkak kaki and a lot of stretch mark!.
  • Try not to eat many high-fat or process food because this type of food mengandungi banyak preservative dan akan memberi effect kepada fluid retention anda.

Does stretch mark appear at your tommy only?

Nopzz. Stretch mark is not only can appear at your tommy, but also boleh muncul kat punggung, peha and breast anda. So, anda jangan tersilap, strech mark ni boleh appear kat banyak tempat.

The GOOD NEWS is, kesan stretch mark ni akan berkurang antara 6 - 12 bulan selepas anda bersalin.

Is it true that creams or oil prevent from getting strecth mark?

From my reading, actually stretch mark ni tak boleh dikurangkan pun bila anda menggunakan cream, oil or any external cream sebab stretch mark ni happen pada lapisan dalam your skin not outside skin. But from my personal opinion, why not kita berusaha untuk kurangkan strech mark ni kan?.

From comment yang sy baca, ada yang menggunakan Bio Oil and ok, tak de strect mark. You can try to put this oil maybe starting 16 weeks of your pregnancy (4 months). Like me, time sy pregnant dulu sy menggunkan baby oil. My friend yg suggest. Sy mmg suke sapu baby oil at my tummy sebab sy rasa selesa because my morning sickness is very worst!. Jadik bila sapu baby oil kat perut tu rasa mcm best je, rasa selesa mcm nak tertido. My stretch mark pun tak teruk sgt, ada sikit-sikit kat celah peha.

But BEWARE, bukan semua cream is safe for you and your baby. Carik cream yang bersesuaian untuk anda and LESS CHEMICALS. If you are not so sure, just ask your doctor first.

After all, don't be too stressed with your stretch mark. JUST ENJOY FOR BEING A MOTHER!. And stretch mark will fade away in line with time.