Thursday, 28 February 2013

Recommended Nursing Bra

Have you ever think what brand of nursing bra you want to buy?.Where to get it??.At first I also don't know where to get those comfortable and affordable nursing bra.Because, this nursing bra is quiet expensive actually.

But than one of my friend give me suggestion to try "Fabulous Mom" (FM) Nursing Bra.My friend ckp boleh beli online or just walk in to any Fabulos Mom Outlet.

Below are list for FM outlets:
  • Ulu Kelang
  • Bandar Puchong Jaya
  • Taman Tun Dr. Ismail
  • Skudai, Johor Bahru
  • Kuantan
  • Cheras
Opening hours: 10.00 am to 8.00 p.m DAILY

For online shopping, just click below address:

As usual, I'm prefer online shopping, because so jimat masa.And no need utk tercarik-carik outlet.

I have a few FM bras in my collection.

Check out the below pictures! !

Cute-cute kan bra ni??..That's is also another factor why I Love this FM bras.But the most important thing, of course la comfortable and value for money..Cute design is an advantage..:).

Those bras are Kelly Padded Nursing Bra. I used this bra in day time, sebab bra ni, you all boleh bukak cup nya. Just open the hook at upper part, then boleh feed baby.No need to take out the bra. And while you nursing your baby, this bra also give support to your breast.

Utk malam pulak, I used this bra..

Those bra are sleep bra (Sarah Nursing Bra).I'd prefer Sarah Nursing Bra ni sebab price murah and mmg comfortable.

Untuk info suma, time breast kte penuh dgn susu, we need to wear bra tau.Siang and malam.That's why ade specific bra untuk malam.This night bra mmg design specifically untuk sleeping time.Bra ni xde hook and tak ketat.Tak memudaratkan breast kalau pakai, malah this bra will support your breast time tido.

See the above picture.Tgk yg dia tunjuk bahagian belakang.That is how sleeping bra look a like.No hook and very..very..very comfortable. .:)

This is the price for both bras are:

  • Kelly Padded: RM 27.93/pc, for latest design RM 39.90/pc
  • Sarah: RM 25.13/pc, latest design RM 35.90/pc
For my bras, I just get the cheapest one, the design is still very cute..Its up to you which one you like..:)

For those who prefer to shopping online, you need to measure your bra size..How to measure??..I'l share the info in the next entry  ok..

Hope my info will help you to choose the best nursing bra..:)

For those yg wear other than this two nursing bras,Come on!!..Let's share the info to me..I would also like to know other comment of nursing bra.

Maybe i can try for other nursing bra for the next time..:) more info, by the time I bought this nursing bra..Have promotion..If you buy total RM100 in a single receipt, you can buy PWP items (Super PWP), where you can buy both nursing bra for only RM 10..very..very cheap!!..:)

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Bolehkah Folic Acid dan Obimin dimakan serentak?

Pernah anda terfikir tak untuk consume Folic Acid and Obimin serentak?..Konon2 nak bg baby dalam kandungan lebih sihat dgn mendapat cukup vitamin.Ye la kan, kte ingat the more vitamins for baby is more better..Betul tak?..Just actually, kte perlu tau ape jenis vitamin yg betul2 kte perlukan, sebab kalau kte ambik 2, 3 pil yg kandungan vitamin dia sama..nanti overdose pulak.Lain pulak citenye nanti.

Just wanna to start the story..Baru2 ni my cousin wife disahkan pregnant for 6 weeks.As usual, biasanya around 6 weeks baru kte akan rasa mcm badan lain mcm.Like me, before disahkan pregnant, I feel tired, rasa mcm tak larat sgt, pasti pening kepala.Awal2 tu mcm jalan2 biasa pun rasa tak larat.Just feel like wanna to sleep je, and mmg sakit kepala. So boleh agak2 la, pregnant ke aku ni??..Ye la, all first time experience, mana tau kan..Then go to clinic with husband, Alhamdulillah disahkan pregnant.Dah melalut cite too far pulak..Hehe..Teringat past story..

Ok, berbalik kepada today's entry..Bolehkah folic acid and obimin dimakan serentak??..Nak jawab this question, kne sambung skit story yg cousin wife tu.Bila tau yg my cousin's wife ni pregnant, excited laa, terus cepat2 go and msg her..ucapkan tahniah..Sebab my cousin and her wife ni actually umur dah agak byk, senior laa if ikut umur.His already 39 yrs this yr and his wife 36. Just married December last year.

Jadik bile dpt tau my cousin's wife ni pregnant, suma org tumpang gembira, bersyukur.I'm also happy for then sebab Allah anugerahkan benda yg money cannot buy.So ble start msging with my cousin's wife ni, which I called kakak, after da ckp congrats suma, just share the info yg I know. Share info2 for early pregnancy.

One of the thing yg I share is folic acid.I asked her dah start mkn folic acid?.And kakak jawab..Da start makan dah..So its a good moves ble da start makan folic acid.Sebab folic acid ni one of the function is to prevent NTD.You all can refer my previous entry regarding Folic Acid.So, after dah msg2 dgn kakak, ok la..da nak end the conversation. Then before end, kakak tanya..Boleh ke kalau kakak makan folic acid & obimin?.Sebab kakak ipar dia suruh makan dua2. how??..Boleh ke tak actually ye??..

This issued I've been ask my doctor time I pregnant.Untuk info suma, in early stage of pregnancy sehingga kandungan berusia 4 bulan.You just need to consume just Folic Acid only, and only after 4 months, you can switch to obimin. Bukan makan dua2 ye, just switch only, ble kandungan da 4 months and above, bleh tukar kepada obimin and can stop consume Folic Acid.

Why we cannot to consume both?

Sebab for early stage pregnancy,this folic acid perlu untuk pembentukan neural tube baby anda.For further info regarding Folic Acid anda boleh refer my previous entrY "Why should I take Folic Acid?". Manakala obimin ni adalah multivitamin dimana ia adalah combination a few vitamins, terdapat jugak folic acid dalam obimin, tapi kandungannya adalah sedikit.Amount yg need to consume in early pregnancy ialah sebanyak 400mcg (0.4mg).

Other than that, both are also vitamins.Ambil terlalu byk vitamins (overdose) pun boleh memudaratkan.

So, berdasarkan my experience berkaitan issue ni and after confirmation oleh doctor, utk 4 bulan pertama just makan Folic Acid yg kecik2 colour kuning tu.Lepas 4 bulan, boleh mkn obimin.

For info, obimin jugak boleh dimakan after bersalin sebagai supplement (vitamin tambahan) semasa susukan baby.Kalau refer kotak obimin pun mmg ada tulis for pregnant and lactating mom..:) sesiapa yg dah deliver tapi belum habis lg Obiminnya..Just continue je makan lepas bersalin tu..No harm..Because I also tak sempat nak hbskan makan, botol yg last tu ads half lg blum habis makan, then da bersalin. Tapi just habiskan after deliver..:)

Apa2 pun, vitamins need to consume time pregnant walaupun rasa nak muntah..hehe..its normal..Good Luck!

Delicious & Simple Baby Food Recipe

Sweet Potato Puree


1. One piece sweet potato
2. One tsp butter
3. One tsp chopped / puree garlic

How to prepare:

1.Peel the sweet potato and then steam until  tender

2. Then, blend the sweet potato

3. Heat the frying pan, and add one tsp of butter 

4. Fry the butter for a few second and quickly add puree garlic.Fry for another a few second until the garlic colour become golden brown

5. Then, add the puree sweet potato, mix for a few second and turn off the stove

6. Then put inside your baby plate

TADAAAAA!!!!..and its done..

If you want more simple and still delicious, just steam the sweet potato until tender and then puree the sweet potato..Its still very tasty because sweet potato is Sweet!!!..:)

You can get sweet potato at Giant, Tesco, Econsave, The Store and other super market as well..

Have a try!!

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

First Food for your Lovely Babies


When your baby is nearly age 6 months, which is recommended age to start eating solid..Of course as a'll be headache on what to start giving your baby to eat.But started feeding baby is one of the most wonderful moment in my life!.Baby have 1001 face reaction to the food they eat..:)

Based on my experience, I've started searching info about weaning since my baby is 4 months old.Because as a first time mother, I do not have experience, so need to search the info early to make preparation.

So, lets check it out on what I've started to feed my baby!!

I've started to feed my baby with pureed food, just vegetables and fruits only..I'm not started with plain porridge.

First of all,what is puree food?
Puree mean you need to blend the food to make it fine and soft for your baby to eat.

At first..I've tried one type of pureed food for 3 days to see if there is any allergy reaction to my baby.As far as I tried this method, my lovely daughter have no allergic reaction and I can introduce new food to her.

My practice one week, my baby must eat at least 3 portion of pureed veggy and the rest is pureed fruits.I just do not want my daughter to be peaky eater by not like veggy.So, I started to introduce veggy early to my daughter.

Veggy which I gave my daughter including spinach, broccoli, carrot, parsnip, tomato, pumpkin, cauliflower, starchy food such as potato, and sweet potato.

For fruits including kiwi, avocado, apple, pear (green & yellow), strawberry and papaya.

I just steam all those raw food until tender and then blend it until fine.I'd prefer to steam the raw it than boil it.

When blend the food, you need to add a little water.For those who prefer boiling, please use the boiling water to add into the blender.Because when you boil, some of the nutrient will escape to the boiling water. That's is y I'd prefer steaming.

At first month when my daughter start eating, I just feed her once a day.because her tummy is so small.So, by feeding once a day already enough for me.You also need to know that in a first month started solid, your baby won't eat much..and please do not force them to eat a lot..Just feed them in small portion.Because by 6 months, the best food for your baby is still breast or formula milk.

That's all my entry for this topic.I've a few recipes which I think very simple and my baby love it!

I'll share the recipe from time to time. As a mother, you can introduce any range of veggy or fruits which you think suitable for your baby, because you are their mother and you is the one who know the best for your baby!.

Hope to enjoy reading my blog..Have a nice day!!..:)..

Anmum Materna..Is it really good??

Assalamualaikum and morning!!!

Yesterday I have shared entry pasal susu kambing, today feel like wanna share a few info regarding Anmum Materna.All about milk..:) to start ye???..Hehe..By the time i'm pregnant, I was also so eager to buy this Anmum Materna.Ye la, iklan kat tv mmg kuat pengaruhnya.Suma iklan bg tau bgsnya
produk masing2.Jaringan otak bersambung-sambung laa and mcm2 lg.

But the reality is not as good as tv commercial.By the time I pregnant, mmg ada beli this Anmum Materna, but luckily I just bought small pack one and tak habis minum pun until deliver.Sampai naik kerja tgk Anmum tu dah keras mcm batu.Need to rendam sampai lembut, then baru boleh basuh bekas simpanan.This is how Anmum Materna look a like.Ada gambar ibu mengandung..:)

Nak dijadikan cerita..For my pregnancy,I usually check up at my hometown kat Muar.Tey Maternity.Bg org Muar selalunya tau laa Tey Maternity ni.Near The Store.Monthly check up no problem.Alhamdulillah baby inside my womb sihat, perkembangan normal.

But than when my pregnancy dah 7 months.I started to check-up at Salam, Shah Alam, section 19 with Dr Siti Mariam.First time pergi check-up..Ya ALLAH lamanya menunggu turn nak jumpa doctor.Sampai boring waiting for nurse to call us.My husband and me just keep waiting dgn penuh sabar.

At last da ptg baru la nurse panggil masuk.Tunggu from pagi tau.Yg peliknya we also don't know apa patient yg lain buat lama2 dalam bilik doctor, sebab we all masuk dlm 10 minutes je.First time see the doctor, ada sesi interview and then start scan.But this time just scan biasa..ultrasound, if at Tey Maternity scan 4D, and doctor akan printkan gambar kecik2 every time we scan..Love it!

Ok..berbalik cite lat Salam ni..Bila scan, kan nanti doctor akan ukur lilit kepala baby and berat suma kan.Suddenly doctor buat statement which is very shocking me.Dia ckp baby besar ni, tkt xboleh normal.Because I'm really want normal delivery.Because I'm not kalau baby besar mmg xboleh normal.Mmg that time sgt terkejut, sebab bile doctor terkejut, so of coz laa kite yg pertama kali pregnant ni lg panic.Tap actually before any check-up, I usually read and gain info regarding my baby development.Kalau ikutkan berat my baby still normal, and I'm confident ada harapan boleh normal deliver.Then doctor keep checking on me.Bila dia tgk betul2 dia ckp my baby still normal,agak besar when compare with my height but still can normal deliver..Huhh~..Lega..Alhamdulillah.

After scan suma,then ade sesi explanation from doctor.We all listen and my husband ada tanya a few questions kat doc.But..the most important part is..doc ada tanya ada minum susu ape2 tak??..Then I jawab ada, Anmum Materna.Doctor ckp stop immediately..Sebab susu tu boleh make your baby large disebabkan kandungan gula yg tinggi.Mmg susu tu I sometimes minum sometimes tak..So after dgr trusted statement from O&G Specialist, mmg dah tak minum lg Anmum Materna tu.

After three times check-up at Salam.Then continued to check-up at Tey Maternity with Dr. Yau.Mmg I always check-up dgn Dr. Yau.Like to check-up with him sebab his very calm and lembut.Mmg kat Tey Maternity ada male doc only.Cannot do anything.Everytime check-up my husband akan temankan.Then time Dr. Yau tgh do scanning on me,teringat pasal anmum materna and trus ask him..Mmg tak bgs ke minum Anmum Materna???..Doc ckp kalau really nak minum boleh..Tapi buat cair2.means letak byk air sebab Anmum Materna contains high sugar..hmmm..2 specialists said the same kesimpulannya.actually for pregnant mom xpyh susah2 carik susu khusus untuk ibu mengandung because that's only marketing strategy..Better you all drink susu kambing asli sebab tiada gula tambahan.Carik yg original punya, mcm my previous entry regarding susu kambing ni..carik yg original, yg dah dibekukan.Check out below pic..Ni la rupe susu kambing yg dah dibekukan.Usually mmg botol kecik 250 ml.

For those yg tau pasal info Anmum Materna ni not soo good to consume..inform2 laa rakan2 yg tgh pregnant and sedara mara Sebab ramai yg tak tau.Like i said, kita terlalu cepat terpengaruh dgn iklan tv.Apa kwluar kat tv suma bgs..but in reality..tak seindah seperti dlm iklan..kalau boleh minum susu lain and kalau yg kurang ske minum susu and kalau suke pun..still kne ambik calcium tambahan.Sebab calcium from susu tak cukup nak support calcium yg baby perlukan.

Alhdulillah..I'm deliver secara girl..weight 3kg..:)..For info..based on doc Yau from Tey Maternity Specialist..if my height 152 cm..still boleh deliver normal until berat baby 3.2kg..but a bit difficult..Apa2 pun..kne kuat semangat..set kan mind kalau mmg nak normal delivery..Cakap kat diri sendiri yg kita boleh normal delivery..Insyaallah akan dipermudahkan Allah..:)..Mind set is the most important thing!.

Hope this entry is helpful..:)

Monday, 25 February 2013

Susu Kambing for baby


Its a long..long time I didn't update my blog..too busy little daughter pun da semakin besar.she's 9 months now, and very active.but she's still at kampung with my soooo risau nak bawak balik my little daughter at here..sebab mcm2 story yg merisaukan my heart to bring back my routine is still the same, friday after work..zuppp!!!!..terus heading to kampung..tak sabar nak jumpa anak..:)

Today I just want to share topic memberi susu kambing to your baby.i have read a lot of info regarding this topic.ade blog gv bad info regarding pemberian susu kambing kepada bayi and ada blog yg menyokong pemberian susu kambing ni.all those info I got from un-official blog or websites. Means not from ministry of health laa of course.

Now from my personal opinion and experience.before I gave my daughter this susu kambing, like I said I read a lot of info regarding this matter.ade yg cadangkan 1 year and above baru blh bg baby minum susu kambing, but then I read yg susu kambing ni sgt bgs from susu lembu.then I decide to gv a try this goat milk to my baby at 5 months.sebab by that time I already cannot provide breastmilk lg to my sad..but what can I do.just dont gv up to gv the best to my daughter.

After deeply thinking and discussion with my husband, then I pun bg laa my daughter susu kambing tu.sebab bile pk2 semula zaman nabi and org arab mmg ske minum susu kambing.nabi sendiri suke minum susu kambing for me tiada masalah bg baby minum susu kambing.pemikiran kte da terlalu byk dipengaruhi media2 yg dicipta oleh yahudi.sebenarnya, susu kambing adalh susu terbaik selepas susu first I bg sikit..around little, try first then after hbs 20 ml tu I add another 20 ml.and balance I drink.i gv yg fresh but already been frozen bottle is 250 ml.

I'll gv daughter consistenly every week.after I tgk my daughter no allergic reaction and ok I naikkan sukatan.i gv my daughter 125 half2, half for me half for my daughter.i continued bg my baby susu kambing every week until now.mula2 weekend je I gv my daughter susu kambing ni sebab weekend je I'll see my daughter.but then since 2 weeks ago, I ask my mother utk tlg bg kan my daughter susu kambing one bottle every day.sebab susu kambing fresh ni agak if fully bergantung kat susu kambing ni..hehe..tkt tak larat..alternatively, now I'm looking for susu kambing formula, but still won't stop utk bg susu kambing fresh kat my baby.sebab khasiat yg fresh and yg tepung berbeza.yg fresh is original tiada campuran ape2.

Bagaimana cara handle susu kambing ni??
This is important part yg I think ramai yg tak tau.Cara handle susu kambing is totally same mcm cara handle susu ibu yg frozen.

1.utk bg baby minum, rendam susu kambing ni dlm air panas sampai cair.bile da cair immediately bg your baby to drink.kalau tak hbs biarkan kat suhu luar around half or one hour only.sebab susu cepat rosak.kalau tak yakin, rasa sikit susu tu before bg baby minum.kalau da xok, terus buang, jgn syg nak buang.For info,susu kambing ni bgs diminum suam.sebab nabi mmg amalkan minum susu kambing suam.

Berapa lama boleh simpan susu kambing ni?
Susu kambing boleh disimpan around one or two month, deep freez ok.but to make it safe simpan utk sebulan.for those yg tiada freezer, anda simpan di peti ais bahagian atas.just remember, susu yg cair TIDAK BOLEH dibekukan semula ye.kalau da cair kne terus minum!.ramai yg tak tau susu kambing yg cair tak boleh dibekukan semula.

How about pasteurized?
Susu pasteurized means susu yg telah dipanaskan.bile susu kambing original, susu ini tidak dipanaskan.sebaliknya susu disimpan di suhu beku dimana bakteria mati dan tidak berkembang pada suhu beku.susu yg betul2 fresh hanya mampu bertahan selama sehari shj, and maksimum blh bertahan selama 2 hari sebab bacteria yg membuatkan susu cepat rosak.actually kalau cara handle susu ini betul, no issue pasteurized ni.sebab penternak just bottlekn je susu ni direct after perah.the way pengguna handle memainkan peranan penting.

Untuk info you all jugak.susu kambing ni adalah plg hampir dgn susu ibu.i believe skrg ni ramai yg da tahu.

Susu kambing jugak sgt bgs utk diminum oleh wanita hamil, kanak2, org tua.and for info tiada istilah panas or org darah tgi tak boleh minum susu issue.sebab nabi muhammad s.a.w adalah role model kte yg terbaik.cara hidup nabi, pemakanan dan segalanya adalah wajar dicontohi.kte kne ubah our mind utk ikut cara hidup islam and yahudi mmg ikut cara hidup islam sebab yahudi adalah agama yg diturunkan Allah, bkn agama buatan.

And to share experience, my abah ada darah abah mmg ske minum susu.dulu abah minum susu lembu kotak yg low fat dutch ady, but now my abah switching to drink minum susu kambing.alhamdulillah tade masalah abah minum susu kambing walaupun ada darah tinggi.

Apa2 pun, before you all decide nak bg your baby any food or drinks, just make sure yg your family takde allergic apa2.and yakin pada diri sendiri, gain as many info as possible then baru blog is sekadar my personal thinking and experience..:)..and the info bkn sebagai penjual but as parents.. just like to share what is good for our baby. .Have fun to read it!!..:)..

Bg sesiapa yg berminat untuk dapatkan susu kambing original tiada campuran (fresh frozen) boleh menghubungi kami di 019-3573177.

Pusat jualan kami berada di: Muar, Johor Bahru, Kemaman dan Kuala Terengganu.